Cincy Care to Share’s mission is to provide free health care to build a stronger, healthier community. The event is an effort to give back to the community of Fairfax and the Greater Cincinnati area, and to encourage other professionals to donate their time and services of any kind for one specific day each year. Cincy Care to Share hopes to provide help to those that truly do need help.

The free dental care provided by Advance Dentistry, the founder of Cincy Care to Share, is for those that do not have access to regular dental care, are in pain, or cannot afford treatment. Dr. Sayre and his team’s goal is to grow this community event in the years to come into a Cincinnati-wide day of outreach.

To find out more and to participate in the 2015 Cincy Care to Share, call Clay Griffith, Advance Dentistry’s Marketing Director at 513.271.0821.

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